Johnson Endura

The Johnson Endura Stepping Stone range is a revolutionary way to build staircases with step tiles and risers.

The result of an unquantifiable amount of time spent researching the very many possibilities in the world of staircases.

Thickness: 1.5 cm

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Tile Features

less than 0.05% Water Absorption
Bull Nosing
Anti Skid
High Flexural
8 Beautiful

Application Areas


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Features Advantages Benefits
Wide range of 8 colours Architects & customers can creatively work with combination of colors suited to their aesthetic sense. Unique and landmark building structures can be designed.
Vitrified Endura body with lowest water absorption of <0.5%, MOH hardness of > 7 Durable & long lasting. Cost effective in long run as
cornpared to other options of paint, aluminum facades etc. Higher cost savings with lowest maintenance.
UV resistance — Neutral to sun's UV effect No fading of colours. Shades maintained forever.
Add aesistance Acid rains do not affect the building structure. Long life structural protection.
240mm x 60mm x 6mm format Structural stability with low dead weight. Safe cladding.
Specially designed back panel Enhances mechanical bonding with adhesive. Safety with stronger bonds.
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