Johnson Endura

Cool Roof and Wall Tiles

Endura cool roof and wall tiles reflects sun rays thereby help keep the inside temperature cool and also save energy.

It has devised a special process of glazing that makes the tiles reflect most of the solar heat.

Thickness: 1 cm

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Tile Features

Reduce Conduction of Heat
Reduction in Global Warming
Saving Ozone Layer
Saving Environment

Application Areas

Building Roofs


Exterior Facades Cladding


Reduce surface temperature by 10 to 15%
Improve indoor comfort.
Reduce cooling requirement and save electricity.
Reduce conduction of heat into the building.
Reduce the "heat island effect" in cities.
Reduction in global warming and saving of ozone layer.
Endura Cool Roof SRI Tiles is a sensible choice for the buildings - saving electricity and saving the environment.
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