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Johnson Endura Tiles in a Spice Manufacturing Unit

A spice manufacturing unit in Andheri with IPS concrete flooring found the quality of the product hompered by the dust generated. After a warning from the Food and Drug Administration, an attempt was made with epoxy layers, which could not handle the stress well. Then their original flooring was replaced with Johnson Endura tiles. The result? A hygienic, safe spice production area-and a FDA approval

Johnson Endura Tiles in a Leather Stitching Factory

A Mohali-based leather-stitching factory with kota-stone was dissatisfied. This dull and ugly flooring had deteriorated badly because of stress and stains by machine and trolley movement. The situation turned into a positive one when their flooring was replaced with Johnson Endura Tiles. The tiles looked good, remained scratch-free and breakage free resulting in low maintenance. The enhanced aesthetic earned praise from corporate buyers.

Johnson Endura Tiles in Places Of Worship

A Gurudwara in Lucknow had kota-stone kitchen flooring which used to get wet easily. Because of the high footfalls during the langar, the wet flooring caused concern for the safety of the devotees. After the Gurudwara got this flooring replaced with Johnson Endura tiles, their problems were resolved. The new tiles provided grip, were breakage-free and made worship much safer.

Johnson Endura Tiles in Manufacturing Industry

As shocker making unit in Gurgaon had problems with safety-oil spills made operations difficult. After considering other flooring options, Epoxy flooring was installed to combat this. The result was not satisfactory as the deterioration rate of Epoxy flooring was too high. The unit then decided on Johnson Endura tiles. This anti-skid and high-stress surface allowed for easier grip and unrestricted heavy-trolly movement. Resulting in high productivity and a shocker factory environment free of shocks.

Johnson Endura Tiles at a Fish Harbor

A fish harbor in Kerala had a rapidly degenerating floor because of the constant movement of fish carts, trucks, tempos, and crates on their concrete and kota flooring. This caused the flooring to break leading to unhygienic conditions and waterborne diseases. This in turn worsened the quality of fish. They solved this long standing problem by replacing their flooring with heavy duty Johnson Endura Tiles which were cleaner, scratch-free and durable. The harbor was then successful in winning the confidence of consumers who visited the Cherai Harbour.

Johnson Endura Tiles in a Plastic Molding Unit

A plastic molding unit used kota-stone & mandana-stone on the floors in their Mumbai and Delhi factories. This always led to problems like breakage, stains and scratches during trolley movement. So when the time came for the management to make a choice for their Baddi branch they chose to go with Johnson Endura Tiles. Now the company spends a lot less on maintenance and has happier employees with increased levels of productivity.

Johnson Endura Tiles in Railway Battery Rooms

The battery rooms in the railways used acid resistance bricks which were porous. They used to get stained easily and required high maintenance. The DE of Railways soon decided to put an end to this problem by replacing their flooring with Johnson Endura tiles. The results were there for everyone to see. The floors were finally easy to fix, stain free with low maintenance, making it more conducive for work.

Johnson Endura Tiles in Pulp Canning Units

A mango pulp canning unit had been facing a maintenance issue with their kadappa floors constantly chipping off and breaking. The floor also used to catch a lot of stains due to long storage periods of the mangoes. The troubled management of the unit decided to replace their problematic flooring with Johnson Endura Tiles and Epoxy Sealant after they got notified by the local pollution control officials. With new flooring their regular maintenance issues were solved and they got the ISO 14001 certification. The flooring change also helped the unit win canning sub-contracts for big brands like Frooti, Pepsi and Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages.

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