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Features Advantages Benefits
Higher breaking strength  12mm ->2500N, 15 mm - >4000N, 20 mm - > 7500 N  Higher breaking strength performs the  function of transferring large loads  effectively down to the bedding  underneath without breaking.  Customer is benefitted with a strong and durable floor with no maintenance.
High Mohs Hardness >7  Mohs is a measure to test surface scratch hardness value on a relative  scale from 1 to 10. Higher the value, more the hardness, thus protecting the surface from scratches. Mohs value of > 7 ensures Endura Industrial tiles do not get scratched even with metals thus providing a tough, rigid, floor without scratches especially on continuous use & even during maintenance activities.  Customer is benefitted by enhanced long lasting aesthetic beauty due to scratch free surface.
High Abrasion Resistance. Deep 
Abrasion Volume Loss <144 mm3 
Johnson Endura Industrial tiles have the highest abrasion resistance value when 
compared with other traditional floors like VDF, Natural Stones, Epoxies, PU, PVC etc, thus ensuring lowest possible abrasion & wear off. 
This helps customers maintain aesthetic value of floor year on year and avoid recurring maintenance costs.
Matt Finish Skid Resistance Floor – 
Coefficient of Friction > 0.6 
Provides reasonably good traction to vehicles, pedestrians, material carrying carts, fork lifts, trolleys.  Customer benefitted by a safe floor meeting Industrial safety norms.
Stain resistance  Provides sufficiently good stain resistance property to effective maintain the matt finish floor  Helps in maintaining good housekeeping norms.
Low water absorption < 0.5%  Ensures compact body thus preventing  stains & percolation of liquid based  media.  Helps in maintaining good housekeeping norms.
For Acid Resistant flooring
Resistance to concentrated Acid –
Weight loss < or = 1%
Extremely high acid resistance of Johnson Endura Industrial tiles (12, 15 & 20 mm) meeting the stringent 
specification norms of IS 4457:2007 ensure excellent performance in Acid/Chemical/Alkali (except HF acid 
and its derivatives) attack area thus helping corrosion protection of reinforcement in concrete & protecting 
erosion of the structure. 
Customer benefitted by the long service life of the structure and enhanced safety. Application areas of pollution control & corrosion
protection, lend themselves well to Johnson Endura Industrial tiles.


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