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Green Initiative

As a socially responsible company, Johnson has initiated a number of measures to reduce energy consumption and to conserve and preserve precious natural resources. Our manufacturing operations are increasingly using greener fuels like biomass and wind energy. We leverage local resources and manufacture and distribute locally in order to cut down on fuel consumption wasted in transportation. We also use minimum water, mostly harvested rainwater, reuse energy diligently and recycle waste. We have also installed high grade pollution abatement devices that restrict the release of noxious gases such as SOx, NOx and SPM into the environment. The company has registered two projects under the Clean Development Mechanism which is generating certified emission reduction (CER). Additionally, we have two projects on the VER+ scheme accruing VER+ credits. These initiatives have been recognized by external and Government agencies such as Gas Authority of India Limited ( GAIL) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India. The bigger reward, however, is the fact that we are leaving the planet behind for our children, like the way we found it. Pure and green.

Customers choosing to use our products can avail LEED or equivalent credits toward Green Building Certification under the following categories -

Material Resource : Use of local raw materials to reduce energy consumption during transportation - Available points 2.

Recycle Content : Use of recycled material in the manufacture of the product - Available points 2.

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