Johnson Endura

Meteor New

Endura meteor promises you a strong & beautiful outdoor.

Meteor tiles are more suitable than standard flooring alternative like concrete tiles, paver blocks, natural stone etc.

Thickness: 2 cm, 1.5 cm

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Tile Features

Resistant to
Thermal Shock
Easy to
Easy to
Removable, Easy to Inspect & Reuse
Resistant to Stain, Acid & Chemicals

Application Areas



Swimming Pool Deck

Veranda Porch



Public Spaces

Features Advantages Benefits
High Abrasion Resistance. Deep abrasion
volumeloss <14.4 crn3
Johnson  Endura Meteor tiles have the highest
abrasion resistance value when compared with
other traditional floors like concrete tiles, paver
blocks, natural stones etc, thus ensuring lowest
possible abrasion & wear off.
This helps customer maintain aesthetic value of floor year on year and avoid recurring maintenance costs.
Harsh weather & UV Resistance - Neutral to the
Sun's UV effect
No fading of floor colors Ideal for external flooring.
Easy to Install Quick & easy fixing in least possible time with less cumbersome process. Three ways:
1 .Raised flooring with supports (accessible underneath floor). Can be reused & refitted.
2.0n top of gravel (bank gravel i.e. river run,
crushed stone/ fine gravel) or compacted soil.
Can be reused & refitted.
3.Cement sand mortar / adhesive system.
Quick completion of project.
Acid Alkali Resistant Any spills or stains can be easily cleaned with commercial acids or alkalis (except HF and their derivatives) Ideal for flooring in extreme weather conditions. Also helps in getting newer look over a period of time by acid wash on floor affected by stains due to uncontrolled external use.
High MOH Hardness (>6) MOH is a measure to test surface scratch hardness value on a relative scale from 1 to 10 Higher the value, more the hardness, thus protecting the surface from scratches. MOH value of > 6 ensures these do not get scratched even with coarser sand, stone grits etc thus providing a tough, rigid, floor without scratches especially on continuous use & vehicular traffic. Enhanced long lasting aesthetic beauty due to
scratch free surface
Higher breaking strength Endura Meteor tiles can take large loads, high pedestrian traffic much better than stone & concrete tiles in a variety of outdoor / indoor applications without giving away . Suitable for high load and heavy traffic usage.
Stain resistance Provides sufficiently good stain resistance property making the surface impervious to dusts, stains and external liquid agents . Retains aesthetics.
Low water absorption < 0.5% Ensures compact body thus preventing stains &
percolation of liquid based media .
Helps in maintaining good housekeeping norms.
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