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  • High Traffic

    Be it Airport or Office reception, Endura is best suited for all high-traffic areas.

  • Swimming Pool

    Endura brings FINA Standard approved specially designed pool tiles & pool fittings.

  • Tac Tile

    Specially designed tiles as per Gov. specifications for visually-impaired people.

  • Exterior Cladding

    Especially formulated tile, that offers super protective layer for exterior wall.

Welcome to Johnson Endura Tiles

Johnson Endura is a premium brand by H & R Johnson (India). India’s largest tile manufacturer. It is the only specialized brand in India offering unique solutions to a wide variety of interior and exterior industrial applications through a diversified product portfolio. The offerings include solutions for high traffic areas, swimming pools and tiles for special application areas like Anti-static tiles, Tactiles for visually impaired to name a few. Johnson Endura Tiles are manufactured using special non-ferrous clays, processed and fired at very high temperatures of over 1100 degree Celsius. It has a water absorption capacity of lower than 0.5% with a very hard surface (Mohs hardness of 7). Johnson Endura Tiles are designed to withstand extreme demands of industrial manufacturing premises. Its high flexural strength enables it to withstand very heavy loads making the floors long lasting and extremely durable. Johnson Endura’s product line is highly resistant to acid/alkali, high abrasion, scratch, stain as well as impact. Johnson Endura tiles high endurance and durability qualities are tested in accordance with PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) methodology. The PEI rating of I (lowest) to V (highest) defines the wear and durability of a tile’s glazed surface. With a current PEI rating of Grade V tiles Johnson Endura is an apt product for high-traffic industrial flooring.