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Modern day pools are no longer built solely for swimming, but to meet the increasingly complex demands of a wide variety of users. They can be used for swimming competitions and for all kinds of water sports including water polo, aerobics, scuba diving, canoeing etc. The old concept of the rectangular pool has given way to free form pools equipped with wave machines, temperature control systems etc. making it a place for the entire family to get fit or relax. This requires pool surfaces which must be hygienic, durable, attractive and resistant to aggressive water and atmospheric conditions with appropriate level of slip resistance.

The Endura new ‘Pool Tiles & Fittings’ collection has been designed to meet all these demands, bringing the pool up-to the highest competitive standards. Equal emphasis is given to leisure and private pools which are now creatively designed and built in various shapes and sizes, both indoors and outdoors. Endura division tiles are available in a range of colours. In fact, the Endura division provides complete service from the conception – design stage through product specification, selection, supply to after sales maintenance. All you have to do is to just dream about your private pool and Endura swimming pool tiles can convert your dream into a stunning reality.

FINA Standard

In public facilities or in residences, swimming pool is a major challenge for architects as it must combine both functional and aesthetic aspects. It is a composite structure, which in the beginning involves the study of a series of different construction parameters and upon its completion requires the appropriate lining materials.

The pool must be built to stringent standards laid down by FINA (Federation Internationale De Natition) the Swiss organization governing worldwide sports. FINA is dedicated to promote and encourage the development of swimming in all possible manifestations and to increase the number of facilities for swimming throughout the world. FINA’s regulations specify the layout and the dimensions of the pool tang markings and also the colour scheme, which should combine the tiles and the special fittings.

The extensive Endura pool tiles range, together with special fittings from the ‘swimming pool collection’ for public and private pools, is in conformance with the FINA standards.

Benefits of the Endura Swimming Pool Collection

Pool Fittings, Step & Edge Tiles

  • Exclusively designed for pools.
  • Available for the first time in India.
  • Fittings for cladding curved and uneven surfaces.
  • Eliminates ugly edges and corner joints.Promotes better hygiene.
  • No sharp edges or corners, hence improves safety.
  • Select range matching the pool tiles in size and colour.
  • Grooved anti-slip tiles available with safety markings.
Darker colours may be used as lane-makers.

Included in the collection are exclusive deck tiles, changing-room tiles and shower area tiles.

Pool Tiles

  • No algae formation (Vitrifies body, lower water absorption.)
  • Manufactured as per FINA standard.
  • High strength.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Chemical resistant (water cleaning agents, chlorine etc).
  • Wide range of colours.

Area for Pool Tile applications

  • For use on pool floors.
  • For use on pool walls.
  • For use on steps.

Pool fitting assembly diagram

Pool fittings

Recommended usage for stepsedges

Tiles for steps & edges